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What can people do with lumens?

Lumens (XLM for short) are a unit of digital currency, like a bitcoin.

Test the speed and affordability of transactions on Stellar with the Laboratory, our testing tool.

Make a project for the Stellar Build Challenge.


What are invites?

An invite allows someone to claim lumens.

Send out one master link, or individually enter email addresses.


How do I manage my invites?

After authenticating with Facebook, you will be able to track who you have invited and whether they have claimed lumens.

Anyone with the master link can claim lumens, so take care where you share it.


Why is Stellar.org giving away XLM?

Stellar.org envisions a prosperous world where everyone can improve their own lives through access to affordable payments, credit, and savings accounts.

This program is a way for us help give people a jump-start on better savings and payments with Stellar.